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Huacachina, Peru

I’m a Canadian travel addict who’s been to 37 countries on 5 continents, mostly solo. When I took my first solo trip, I was terrified (I cried like a baby at the airport 😭) but since taking that leap, I haven't looked back!

Where it all started

As a teen, I had dreams of seeing the world, but I never actually thought I would. My family wasn't rich and I didn't see anyone that looked like me on the travel blogs I obsessed over. Luckily, during my last year of high school, I met a black woman who had lived and worked in Japan. I took that as a sign that I could do it too.

But, when I finished my BA, I started to get cold feet about my plan to teach English in Japan. Enter my second “travel angel”, an incredible, badass female traveller who reassured me (after a lot of passionate "arguing" 😂) that my plan wasn't crazy at all. So I went, and it changed my life forever.

Lotoya in Japan
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Miyajima Island, Japan

Lotoya travelling abroad and a coffee mug

The travel bug bit me

In Japan my love and excitement for new cultures, unfamiliar foods, and new ways of living grew deeper.

I knew I wanted to see the rest of the world, and two weeks of vacation per year wasn't going to cut it! I also knew I wouldn't be completely happy working a traditional 9-5 (although I have many times in order to achieve a specific goal).

I needed to design a life that included location independence, meaningful work and spontaneity.

Creating a travel life

In 2013, I completed my master's degree and began my career in online education. It combines my passion for teaching with my love of technology and I can do it from anywhere in the world.

Making travel a priority in my life has led me to some incredible experiences like . . .

brazil flag Dancing in the streets during Carnival in Brazil
ecuador flag Living on the beach in Ecuador
peru flag Hiking to Machu Picchu in Peru
zimbabwe flag Tracking Rhinos on foot in Zimbabwe
south africa flag Volunteering at a start-up in Cape Town, South Africa
Lotoya in Japan
Lotoya in Japan
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Santorini, Greece with my daughter

Becoming a travel mom

In 2018, my daughter was born. I heard all of the typical commentary about settling down and doubts about whether I would be able to continue exploring the world. Unfortunately, the main message was clear: your life gets smaller with a child.

Luckily I don’t subscribe to that way of thinking. I believe travelling is our best teacher and I'm determined to share those values with my daughter. So without oodles of cash and with the usual challenges of motherhood, we're seeing the world together.

Spreading the word

I share my travel experiences to inspire women, including moms, to get out there in the world and explore.

You can take a solo weekend trip or take a few months to escape and see the world, as long as you’re living life on your terms and finding joy along the way.

Join my community of travel-loving women for all the support, encouragement, real-world tips, and advice you need. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Instagram ❤️

The Solo Female Travel Course

Lotoya in Japan

Countries I've Visited

37 countries and counting. You can do the same! 😉

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